Sustainable Energy Services

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Sustainable Energy

Maximpact and its team of sustainable energy experts focus on providing the best practical and technical solutions.

Combined we have worked with over 100 experts worldwide and extensive experience with small and large sustainable energy projects. Project clients include governments, international organizations such as UN, USAID, OXFAM, ABD, FAO, corporations and businesses as well as small non-profit organizations, community based and civil society organisations.

We work with strategic partners from all over the world to make sure that our clients receive the best available technical, technological, operational and managerial expertise and service to:

  • Industrial
  • Commercial and public sector
  • Communities
  • Businesses and projects

Renewable Energy

We provide renewable energy consulting services and technology solutions to communities, municipalities, nonprofit and for profit projects and ventures.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency audit and solutions assist residential, commercial, industrial and public organisation assess their energy efficiency and find the right solutions to reduce energy consumption.