Water Resource Management Solutions

Water Resource Management and Sanitation Services

Water shortages and pollution is affecting small rural communities, big cities and economy as a whole. All over the world we are witnessing water challenges. The UK’s Environment Agency in 2019 has announced that within 25 years England will not have enough water to meet demand.

Water is essential for life. It is used in absolutely everything – households, production, agriculture, businesses, public infrastructure. We work with communities, private and public organisations and municipalities to help them identify and provide innovative sustainable solutions for water resource management solutions which covers water supply, wastewater recycling and sustainable water resource management.

Through sustainable water resource management – municipal, commercial and industrial facilities can reduce their water consumption and utilise leading water technology to reuse and access water.

Water Resource Management Services

Maximpact water advisory group and partners have been providing technical and development services for over 40 years to projects and businesses around the world.

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Monitoring, Evaluation and Assessment

  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • Feasibility and due diligence studies
  • Research, studies and reports
  • Environmental and social impact assessments

Policy and Institutional Support

  • Policy analysis and development
  • Legislation and regulation
  • Organisational development
  • Strategies and operational support

Technical Consulting

  • Water supply
  • Water resource management
  • Water access and water security
  • Irrigation
  • Watershed management
  • Wastewater treatment

WASH: Water, Sanitation and Hygiene

  • WASH and education
  • WASH and livelihoods
  • WASH and health
  • Community water access and security
  • Institutional capacity building and training
  • Sewage systems and waste disposal

Capacity Building and Training

  • Capacity building and institutional strengthening
  • Integrated water management training
  • Curriculum development
  • Training of staff, communities and Training-of-Trainers

Economics and Finance

  • Cost benefit analysis and cost optimisation
  • Financing mechanisms
  • Financial assessment and tariff studies
  • Grant proposal writing