Community Solutions Provider

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We provide sustainable solutions that address issues relating to
energy efficiency, waste, water and migration for
municipalities, commercial and industrial sectors.

Energy Efficiency Solutions

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We integrate the latest technology, artificial intelligence and expertise
to reduce energy costs and carbon emissions for municipalities,
the commercial and industrial sectors

Training and Capacity Building

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Our live online training courses
equip organisations and individuals with practical
ready-to-apply knowledge designed to address organisational
and technical skills gaps.

Fast Track to Employment

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We provide a social and economic integration programme
for refugees, which is designed to address
the existing barriers to employment and social inclusion.

We help you find the right solutions to address your challenges

Maximpact is a global consulting group that focuses on providing sustainable community solutions to the most urgent social and environmental challenges in energy, waste, water and migration we face today.

Our energy efficiency, waste and water solutions aim to reduce operating costs, consumption, carbon footprint and inefficiencies for municipalities, industrial and commercial sectors.

Maximpact and its expert team give you access to the most advanced technologies, Artificial Intelligence, practices, cutting edge services, training and capacity building by leveraging the expertise of 400 partners and professionals across Europe, the United States, Africa, Middle East and Asia.

We work collaboratively to identify the right approach to help communities sustainably improve their lives.







Energy Efficiency for Municipalities, Industrial and Commercial Sectors

We work with municipalities, industrial and commercial sectors to identify their energy savings potential through energy audits and identifying the optimal efficiency strategies incorporating AI and renewable energy systems. Up to 60% of energy can be saved. Find out how.

Water Resource Management

Maximpact sustainable solutions to projects and ventures operating in the water sector.

We search for the opportunity to add value – technical, economic, environmental and social. We constantly stretch our thinking to cut costs, increase efficiency, reduce risk, and improve resilience and reliability.

Waste and Recycling

Sustainable waste management practices evolve all the time. Finding the optimal solutions for exisiting or protential future challenges will ensure sustinable waste management within the community.

Our experts are ready to assist you within the challnges you may face.

Fast Track to Employment for Refugees and Migrants

Fast economic integration of refugees and migrants is key to host countries’ economic and social prosperity.

Our Fast Track to Employment programme bridges the gap between employers and migrants.

Online Live Accelerated Training Courses

Live online scheduled training courses, which you can attend from anywhere via a virtual classroom. Training subjects include:

  • Integrated Waste Management & Water Resource Management
  • Water, Sanitation and Hygiene in emergency situations
  • Grant Proposal Writing
  • Grant Fundraising

Organisational Training and Capacity Building

We provide specialised onsite and internet-based training to individuals and organisations in agriculture, aquaculture, sustainable energy, water and waste management.

Our group of training experts delivered over 100 trainings to clients including UN, USAID, OXFAM, GIZ and FAO.

Project and Business Services

We provide project and business services to for-profit and non-profit organisations. We work with strategic partners across the world to ensure our clients get the best expertise in the specific areas they need it.

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