Agriculture Capacity
Building Training Program

Aquire the necessary skills and tools to
modernise and empower farmers,
projects and businesses

Sectors of Focus


Agriculture Training Service: Training-of-Trainers Capacity Building Program

Maximpact is a global organization that provides agriculture training service and technical consulting. In addition to training, Maximpact serves as a resource centre, providing technical and project implementation support.

Maximpact advises and stays connected with hundreds of consultants in these sectors, which allows us to share knowledge and best practices from around the world.

With our network, we are present in 184 countries, which gives us access to the latest technological and operational solutions in the agricultural field.

We care about impact of our actions, so we instruct our trainers to apply the most advanced knowledge management and adult learning tools.

To ensure sustainability of our agriculture training service interventions, we designed a special post-training Mentorship program. This program further supports our trainees once they complete our training, by providing them with on-the job tools they can use in their day-to-day work.

All our efforts are aimed at raising their capacity to create the change we all wish to see in the world.

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    Rationale For Creating Capacity Building Program in Agriculture

    Environmental benefits + localised strategy + appropriate technology = MAXIMUM – IMPACT

    In the past 35 years there has been a resurgence of interest in sustainable agriculture for growers, and many advancements have been made by combining traditional techniques with modern science. We at Maximpact also understand the new opportunities that are arising for developing countries through technology.

    The agriculture training service program is designed to give our trainers the know-how to share with farmers the skills to succeed no matter what size parcel they are on or what crop they are growing. Our applied methods and techniques transfer from crop to crop to help growers navigate the global marketplace and local climate.

    Maximpact training can revitalize agriculture in each bioregion, and provide upward economic mobility through the employment of farmers, businesses and local enterprises.

    Our team of experts solves regional challenges by leveraging the best combination of appropriate technology, modern science, and established methods to customize local solutions that work within specific geographic and cultural frameworks. These solutions can bring new insight into areas that have been hit hard by environmental changes, or have been left out of the expanding economies of globalization.

    Maximpact trainers share methods by which small holders can combine their resources into effective cooperative interest groups and form linkages with NGOs and funding partners. By informing and providing a successful framework for lenders, NGOs, farmers groups and growers can form a united value chain, linking the economic development of a region to the demands of the national and global markets.

    Through insight into the regional challenges and an appropriate skillset to revitalize agriculture, Maximpact can help to improve agribusiness and allow opportunities for small growers to participate fully in local and global markets.

    Pioneers of Change 

    Maximpact assigned the initial role of capacity building in the agriculture sector to NGOs, who are implementing small farmers’ projects and businesses  to act as agents of change in their local communities.

    The program will equip trainers with the needed tools and knowledge to:

    • Understand how to transfer the most advanced technical knowledge to support creation of sustainability and cost-effective service to farmers in these times of diminishing external support and resource scarcity.
    • Gain most advanced technical knowledge relevant to growers in order to build their capacity to influence negative perceptions, attitudes and behaviors on the part of government and other agriculture policy and decision makers towards traditional small-scale farms. Modernized active small-scale farmers can be viewed as important contributors to strategies for national economic growth rather than as obstacles to development and passive recipients of handouts and aid.

    Maximpact recognises that professionals coming from the NGO, incubator and accelerator sectors require the integrated knowledge offered in this capacity building program so they can successfully advocate for change or implement programs and projects in the agriculture sector.

    We believe that a ‘train-the-trainer’ approach is a powerful tool, that can help build capacity among small growers, stakeholders and communities involved in managing the agriculture sector.

    How We Designed Maximpact Capacity Building Program in Agriculture

    Maximpact created a sustainable agriculture capacity building program, which serves as a hands-on, all-inclusive resource and guideline for those who intend to carry out training in the agriculture sector.

    The comprehensive capacity building program is structured in terms of:

    • Modules to be addressed, taking into the consideration regional differences associated with sector needs and level of development
    • Technical and operational approach to training design
    • Practical tools required for the training preparation. This is the training organization checklist to be used by local trainers.

    Distinct from other training programs, the Maximpact program has two unique features:

    • It accounts for regional differences in managing agriculture and explains how the training should be adapted to local, national and regional levels in order to achieve infull the desired impact.
    • It ensures sustainability of training interventions that may require additional support in the form of post-training mentorship.

    Our aim was to create a truly participatory, cost-effective and sustainable training program, [comment: sometimes you use program and elsewhere youi use programme. Please choose one or the other and be consistent]therefore we adopted the most advanced training methods. All educational tools and techniques are internationally practiced and recognized by ToT trainers.

    The agriculture training service consists of 3 main stages addressing different sets of activities for each stage: pre-training, training delivery and post-training.

    Through this program, NGO representatives should gain sound knowledge of the content of sustainable agriculture and the learning process most effective in training potential target groups in their local communities.

    Specific agriculture training service in this comprehensive ToT Capacity Building program, would be individually designed to meet the exact needs of the group, and may involve any combination of the following activities:

    • Presentations / Lectures
    • Seminars / Discussions
    • Workshop Activities
    • Field Trips
    • Interactive Models
    • Computer Models
    • Hands-on Activities
    • Industry Placement

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