"Loved the interactive way the course was delivered
and the way we could split off into groups. This meant I got
to work with most participants on a 1on1 basis.
The course was really beneficial to me and
has given me clear takeaways which I will certainly use.
Lorraine was an incredible teacher and the way she delivered
the course was really top notch."

- Daniella, Corporate Social Responsibility Manager,
Rhino Africa Safaris and Rise Africa Foundation in Cape Town

Register as a Small NGO for the Fundraising Training Course

Fundraising is the backbone of any organisation, whether it is a social enterprise looking for grant funding or non-profit organisations.

We have come across many projects that are looking to raise money but do not have the necessary skills and financial support to pay professional fundraisers.

This is why we have designed a 2-Day Accelerated Fundraising Online Live Course. The 2-Day Fundraising Masterclass provides the necessary fundraising skills to social entrepreneurs and NGOs to internally build capacity to raise funds. By building your own skills, you will improve chances of your fundraising success.

We understand that financial resources are limited for small NGOs and start ups, therefore we offer a sponsored fee of $75. We use the collected funds to cover the trainer and the organisation cost of the training to make it available to those that need it the most.

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