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Initial Deal Review Questionnaire

    Full Name


    Organisation Name

    What does the company do?
    Please describe in 25 words of less.

    How much does the company currently need to raise?

    How much cash does the company have?

    What is the use of proceeds?

    In three years, how much revenue and how much profit will the company have and how much additional capital is needed to get there?

    What is the current valuation of the company?

    How much money has been invested in the company? How much has management contributed?

    If the company is private, what is the path to liquidity and what is the timeframe?

    Is the company currently profitable?

    Does the company currently have revenues?

    What is the current order backlog?

    What is the business model?

    What is the company’s edge?

    What intellectual property does the company have?

    What is the customer concentration? How is the company going to get more customers?

    Who are the competitors?

    Why can management succeed? Relevant experience?

    When do they want to close?

    Who else is seeing the deal? Have term sheets been submitted?

    Who is the decision maker on this deal?