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Hospitals Energy Efficiency and Consumption

Hospitals energy efficiency studies have shown that hospitals can reduce their energy costs by 62%. Hospitals consume 2.5 times more electricity than any other commercial building due to their 24/7 operations. Energy gets used up by lighting, heating, air condition and other equipment are continuously consuming electricity and thermal energy, amounting to $1-3 million yearly energy bills.

Reheating of centrally-cooled air represents more than 40% of hospitals energy usage and is also the largest contributor to wasted energy in a hospital.

Here are the typical areas for energy savings in hospitals:

  1. Include energy efficiency into any new building construction and refurbishment projects including passive building designs
  2. Improvements to building fabric to reduce heating losses
  3. Addressing the reheating of centrally-cooled air
  4. Improvements to heating ventilation and air conditioning systems
  5. Use of high-efficiency boilers and chiller plant
  6. Improvements to the control of ventilation fans and water pumps with timers and variable speed drives

Click here to view our energy efficiency project for one of the biggest hospitals in Ireland.

Hospitals Energy Efficiency Services

Before we can identify the areas where your hospital facility is able to save energy and optimise the process, we need to carry out energy audit on your facility or equipment. We do that using data mining tools.

The audit will show you how, when and where are you consuming energy and how you can optimise energy consumption. With that information we can then identify the best hospitals energy efficiency strategy for your facility. We introduce Artificial Intelligence into our solutions to help you control and manage your energy more efficiently over the longer term. The AI will learn and optimise energy consumption and energy sources for you as well as signal (and in some cases repair automatically) any bottlenecks and prevent system breakdowns. Being able to forecast energy breakdowns not only saves on repair costs but may save peoples’ lives.

Below is a list of services we provide. Contact us for further information on hospitals energy efficiency.

Comprehensive energy audits

This energy audit will include all heating and cooling systems, lighting systems. Our comprehensive energy audit specification will provide you with a detailed specification of our services and saving potential which is typically between 20% and 40% of your existing energy bills.

New equipment energy efficiency specification

Are you considering purchasing a new chiller, boiler or HVAC system or lighting retrofit?

If so then we can help you ensure that your vendors provide you with efficient equipment that will help you save on running cost over its lifetime. We can help you include energy efficiency specification into your tender documents and this will also ensure that all bidders bid on a level playing field.

Thermal imaging study

Conduct a thermal imaging study of the building to detect building heat losses associated with poor insulation or building defect.

Renewable Energy for the Health Care Sector

  1. A feasibility study of the installation of solar water heating for hospital domestic hot water usage.
  2. A feasibility study for utilising a renewable energy boiler to produce domestic hot water and for space heat using biofuels such as wood pellets or another renewable energy source.
  3. A feasibility study on the potential for using geothermal energy to provide for hot water and space heating needs.
  4. A feasibility study of installation of Solar PV systems to displace grid electricity.
  5. A feasibility study of installing a co-generation or tri-generation systems to supply electricity, heating and cooling for the hospital.

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