Water treatment plant energy audit resulted in a potential energy saving of 9.1%

About the company

The Roughgrange pumping station supplies water to the Staleen water treatment plant and the Stephenstown pumping station.

What Maximpact did

Maximpact energy expert Gerard conducted an on-site energy audit at the Roughgrange Pumping station over a period of three days, taking measurements and collecting information at the pumping station and at the water treatment plant.

The purpose of the energy audit was to identify potential energy savings associated with the pumping system and water treatment plant.

Finding from the energy audit

Potential energy savings of over €31,856, plus a further €3,000 potential saving in relation to power factor surcharge, were identified. This meant a total potential annual savings of €34,856, or 9.1% of electricity costs.


The energy savings related to the identification of more efficient pumping combinations. Maximpact recommended the use of an unused water tank during night-time operations to pump and treat water at night with a gravity feed to the town during the day.

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