Energy assessment at Glanbia Ingredients

About the company

Glanbia Ingredients, (Virginia) Limited is a subsidiary of Glanbia plc, an Ireland-based international food company serving markets in the European Union, United States, Asia, Latin America and Africa. Glanbia Ingredients is situated on a 23-acre site near Virginia in County Cavan. The factory imports whole milk as its basic raw material to produce cream base and cream for Baileys Original Cream Liqueur, as well as milk powders.

What Maximpact did

The Glanbia production process is highly energy-intensive in the form of steam and electricity. In 2013, Maximpact energy expert Gerard undertook a study of the energy-saving potential of installing a new dual fuel steam boiler burning diesel and biomass. The boiler would supply steam for the heat requirement of the process, and the electricity generated via a backpressure steam turbine would displace imported grid power.

Findings of the energy audit

The results of the study showed the potential for substantial thermal and electrical energy savings, along with considerable environmental benefits.

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