Assessment of energy saving potential at Banjul Brewery

About the company

Banjul Breweries Ltd. is the leading producer of beer and non-alcoholic beverages in Gambia. As Gambia’s only brewery, it produces a variety of beers under the name Julbrew. It also produces Castel Beer and Guinness.

Banjul Breweries have won the Monde Selection Bruxelles Gold Award at least four times: 1979, 1987, 1990 and 1999.

Brewery Energy Assessment

Brewery Energy Flow

What Maximpact did

In March 2018, Maximpact energy expert Gerard conducted a full energy audit of the brewing processes and auxiliary systems (the chilled water plant, the compressed air plant, the boiler steam generation system, the air conditioning system and the lighting system). Gerard used an artificial neural network to uncover low-cost and high-saving solutions for the brewery.

Findings from the energy audit

Gerard was able to identify an energy saving potential of 25%.

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