Energy audit at KPMG office blocks – Dublin

About the company

KPMG is a leading consultancy company with a global network of professional firms that provide audit, tax and advisory services to thousands of customers worldwide. The company employs over 207,000 professionals in 153 countries.

When KPMG wanted to reduce the energy usage and carbon footprint of its two large office blocks in Dublin, it turned to Maximpact energy expert Gerard for assistance.

What Maximpact did

A comprehensive energy audit was conducted at the office buildings, which assessed all operational systems such as lighting, heating and cooling systems.

Findings from the energy audit

Gerard was able to identify a potential saving of up to 40% on KPMG’s annual energy usage, with a simple payback period of fewer than 3 years.


  • The installation of an energy monitoring and targeting system for energy usage reduction.
  • The conversion of the oil-fired boilers to gas-fired boilers and the installation of flue gas economisers.
  • Improvements to the lighting systems throughout the buildings.
  • The introduction of a building energy management system to provide better control of the building’s HVAC systems and the building management systems (BMS).
  • The introduction of an intelligent module using artificial intelligence to provide for predictive, optimum start and stop of the building’s heating and cooling systems.

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