Waste Sector Capacity
Building Training Program

Obtain practical, integrated and sustainable
solutions in waste management to create &
deliver capacity building to local communities

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Waste Sector: Training-of-Trainers Capacity Building Program

Maximpact is a global organization that provides training and technical consulting in waste management to organizations working with the poor in developing countries. In addition to training, Maximpact serves as a resource centre, providing technical and program assistance and project implementation support.

Maximpact advises and stays connected with hundreds of consultants in 20 different sectors, including the waste sector. Having this enormous human potential available, allows us to share knowledge and best practices from around the world.

With our network we are present in 184 countries, which enables access to the latest technological and operational solutions in the waste management sector.

We care about impact of our actions, and so we instruct our trainers to apply the most advanced knowledge management and adult learning tools.

To ensure the sustainability of our training, we have designed a special post- training mentorship program. This unique program has been created to further support the trainees once they complete our training, by providing them with on-the job guidelines to apply directly in their everyday work.

All our efforts are aimed at raising the capacity to create the change we all wish to see in the world. 

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    Rationale for Creating a Capacity Building Program in Waste

    Global climate change, rising child asthma, more plastic in our oceans than fish, increasing pressures on the budgets of local service providers, are some of the signs of the growing waste management crisis affecting every community. Worldwide, humans now produce well over 2 trillion kilograms of waste each year. Ninety-nine percent of the everyday items we buy become waste within 6 months. With increasing urbanization, increasing global consumption, and an increasing global population, waste-related issues are only going to get greater, further degrading our environment and health.

    There is a drastic need to change current practices, improve waste management standards, and return used resources back to the economy through reuse and recycling. Yet, the knowledge and capacity to undertake this is often lacking in our communities. Waste management can be overwhelming and confusing.

    Maximpact is offering a customizable capacity building program for the waste management sector that addresses these challenges.

    We have chosen the NGO sector to carry out this program, as we have recognised that professionals coming from NGO sector require both integrated knowledge of waste management and the capacity to transfer that knowledge to target groups as defined by their own programs.

    The NGO sector wishes to act as an agent of change toward more impactful and sustainable waste project implementation. For that reason we believe that by empowering local NGOs with knowledge and capacity to succeed in the waste management sector, and by identifying key stakeholders, technologies and business opportunities, this program will create trainers capable of demonstrating where intervention points are and how sector stakeholders can attract attention to maximize their impact.

    This Training of Trainers package will identify practical, integrated and sustainable solutions for waste management and enhance practical skills of NGOs in creating and delivering waste capacity building programs in local communities.

    How We Designed Maximpact Capacity Building Program in Waste Management

    Maximpact created a comprehensive Waste Management Capacity Building Program, which serves as a hands-on, all-inclusive resource and set of guidelines to those who intend to carry out ToT in the sector.

    It takes into account how specific regionally customised capacity building training programs should be structured in terms of:

    • Modules to be addressed
    • Technical and operational approaches to training design
    • Practical tools required for the training preparation. This is the training organization checklist to be used by local trainers.

    Uniquely, this program has two features:

    • It accounts for regional differences in managing waste and explains how the training should be adapted to local, national and regional levels in order to fully gain the desired impact.
    • It ensures the sustainability of training interventions that may require additional support in the form of post-training mentorship.

    A train-the-trainer (ToT) approach is a powerful tool, that can be transferred to organisations such as NGOs to help build capacity among local stakeholders and communities involved in the management of waste.

    The training methods Maximpact employs include all tools and techniques internationally practiced and recognized by ToT trainers in the waste sector. These include carefully designed pre-training, training delivery and post-training sets of activities.

    NGO representatives through this program will gain sound knowledge of how to train potential target groups in their local communities.

    Specific training programs instructed by this comprehensive ToT, are individually designed to meet the exact needs of each group, and may involve any combination of the following activities:

    • Presentations & lectures
    • Seminars & discussions
    • Workshop activities
    • Field trips
    • Interactive models
    • Computer models
    • Hands-on activities
    • Industry placements

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