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Welcome to our blog dedicated to sustainability and renewable energy! Here, we delve into the latest developments in clean energy, share practical tips for adopting a sustainable lifestyle, and discuss innovations shaping a future that respects our planet. Join us on our journey to understand and promote eco-friendly solutions that contribute to the preservation of our environment. Together, let’s create a greener and more sustainable world for future generations.







Renewables Lead Europe’s Answer to Wartime Energy Crisis

BRUSSELS, Belgium, November 18, 2023 ( Sustainability News) – The European Commission has approved a €3 billion Austrian plan to support companies facing soaring energy costs in the context of Russia’s war against Ukraine. For households and small businesses across Europe and Africa, solar power in the form of photovoltaic panels is a great help in surviving the energy crisis.

EU Empowers Workers Today for Microchips of Tomorrow

GRAZ, Austria, October 31, 2023 ( Sustainability News) – A new international project led by the Graz University of Technology brings together 15 universities, companies and research institutions with the single goal of training urgently needed specialists for the European semiconductor industry, expected to boom now that the European Chips Act took effect in September.

Problematic Chicken Feathers Solve Modern Problems

ZURICH, Switzerland, October 23, 2023 (ENS) – Scientists are finding innovative ways of turning waste into problem-solving products – even the 102 million tonnes of chicken feathers produced globally each year by the industrial processing of chickens for meat. The waste feathers have been sent to landfills, requiring costly waste management systems, or incinerated, releasing harmful gases. But now there are ways to transform waste feathers into valuable products from fuel cell membranes to oil spill dispersants.

Annual AI Power Consumption Rivals That of an Entire Country

AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands, October 12, 2023 ( Sustainability News) – The artificial intelligence (AI) industry could consume as much energy as a country the size of the Netherlands by 2027, new research shows. Data centers run 24/7 and most are powered by fossil fuels, although there are efforts to utilize renewable energy. Today, the world’s data centers account for one percent of the global electricity demand, according to the International Energy Agency and about four percent of global greenhouse gas emissions, exceeding even those of the aviation industry.

The Wright Spirit is a 100-passenger electric airliner that is designed for one-hour flights, equipped with four, megawatt-class motors. In 2023, the aircraft began flight testing with one all-electric propulsor. Testing with two all-electric propulsors is planned for 2024 leading to the fully-electric aircraft by 2026. June 2023 (Photo courtesy Wright Electric) Posted for media use

Electric Aviation Speeds Toward Takeoff

MONTEREY, California, Septmber 30, 2023 ( Sustainability News) – The aviation industry is moving briskly toward market takeoff for electric commercial aircraft, and many companies on the front lines of these new technologies are developing them cooperatively. From a battery-powered 186-seat commercial passenger jet to smaller hydrogen fuel cell regional planes, electric aircraft are arriving shortly. Have your boarding passes ready!

Most visitors to San Antonio, Texas are unaware that during dry times, the famous River Walk is almost all recycled water from the city's treatment plants. This is one of the discharges, located adjacent to the Henry B. González Convention Center in downtown San Antonia. (Photo courtesy Gregg Eckhardt) Posted for media use

Water Recycling and Reuse Catching on Across the World

WASHINGTON, DC, September 24, 2023 ( Sustainability News) – Drought is spreading across the planet as the climate heats up, stressing increasingly scarce water resources. To find the water they need, many governments and industries are looking to water recycling and reuse of the purified wastewater, and new technologies are being implemented everywhere in this fast-growing market.

Harmonizing Fashion Sense and Sustainability

NEW YORK, New York, September 19, 2023 ( Sustainability News) – September is a month clothed in glamour in Europe and New York, as the runways fill with the latest ideas from the fashion world’s most talented designers. Fashion weeks open and close on a year-round calendar these days with major shows not only in New York, London, Milan and Paris but also in Dubai, Sydney, Lagos, Accra, Los Angeles, Berlin, Madrid, Rome, São Paulo, Shanghai, Mumbai, Seoul, and Tokyo, among and many other centers.

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