Building Nonprofit Organisations' Capacity

Live Webinar Training Courses

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“Online interactive training has allowed me to attend the training from home and complete the course, which would have taken me much longer if I would have studied alone. The trainer has explained everything very clearly, answered all my questions and most of all I was able to learn from other people experiences! This is certainly a great and fast way to learn.” Anthony Blake, Project Manager

Fundraising for Nonprofit Organisations Training Course

2 Day Live Webinar

11 and 12 March 2019

Training is carried out by an experienced trainer and fundraiser. The training will provide you with the know-how, tools, methodology, tips and tricks of how to raise funds for your projects. By mastering the building blocks of fundraising, you will gain a sound understanding of how to put all these elements and skills together and develop a winning fundraising strategy.

“I definitely recommend this training. It is a step by step simplified grant proposal writing. I have been writing proposals, without simplified details such as using budgeting format based on activities. This training really helped me in my work.” Susan Muballa

Grant Proposal Writing Training Course

2 Day Live Webinar

9 and 10 March 2019

The trainer, who is a grant and proposal expert, will equip you with the necessary skills, tools and methodologies to prepare persuasive, interesting and easy to read grant proposals, containing all of the donor’s requirements.

During the training you will be able to start writing your next grant proposal and have it reviewed by the expert.

“Thank you again for conducting this training – I found the information incredibly beneficial as a newbie in this field.” Elizabeth Clarke

“The training offered useful insights to grant writing that will be useful for future fundraising”. Stephen Akonyu

Tailored Online Live Webinars

For over 20 years our expert trainers have been designing and delivering tailor made trainings to organisations in various topics such as change management, monitoring and evaluation, results-based project management, policy writing, awareness raising and many other on-demand training courses.

Contact us and let us know which training your group or organisation requires and receive a quote and trainer’s credentials.