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Energy Efficiency

Municipalities and the industrial and commercial sectors play an enormous role in generating carbon emissions and pollution. Both are produced by the waste products of combustion, which are emitted by power plants to make electricity and energy for industries to power, light, heat and cool entire municipalities, factories, buildings, hospitals, offices, shopping malls, stadiums and other industrial and commercial facilities.

The global demand for clean, cheap and reliable energy is growing and we integrate data mining and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in our solutions for our clients to achieve that. By assessing your energy consumption and employing energy efficient modules through Artificial Intelligence and renewable energy, we help reduce your energy cost and carbon emissions by up to 60%.

How does Maximpact team help you achieve that?

We work with municipalities, as well as the industrial and commercial sectors to identify their energy savings potential through energy audits and identifying the optimal efficiency strategies, incorporating artificial intelligence and renewable energy systems. AI applications have a huge long-term impact, which allows you to intelligently and sustainably monitor, plan and control future energy consumption, leading to energy savings, compliance, cost and carbon footprint reductions.

There are many solutions and combinations of solutions available today for any particular situation. Maximpact combines experience, in-depth industry knowledge and applications of game-changing technology. Our consultants are world-class experts in the utilization of the most advanced systems to solve your sustainable energy problems. We can provide the most economical solutions that pay for themselves in energy savings alone over the shortest period of time.

Where to start?

  • First Stage: Carry out a comprehensive Energy Audit. Maximpact’s team carries out energy audits by using data mining and best industry practices to identify how much energy you are wasting, how much you can save and how. You haven’t yet done an energy audit? Contact us to get more information about Energy Audit. 
  • Second stage: implementing the identified energy efficiency strategy for your purpose. The methods we propose include Artificial Intelligence, which learns, monitors, plans and controls your energy usage and reduces energy consumption over time. Contact us to get more information about Energy Audit. Interested in finding our more about renewable energy and AI applications in your sector? Contact us for more information. 

To find out more about energy efficiency and services in your sector, click on your sector below.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is being integrated in many ways, including in some of the devices that we use every day, for example, mobile phones. Google and Android use AI in order to study our application habits to ensure battery power is deployed only on the apps you like the most. This saves battery energy and improves your phone’s energy efficiency.

The same intelligence is applied to municipalities, industrial and commercial sectors. AI is used with renewable energy technologies in order to achieve:

  • Energy ForecastingIndustry data and data-mining is used to train AI algorithms to perform forecasts, which leads to more efficient energy consumption. The data gathered by AI can be used to efficiently control supply and demand of renewable energy. For example, when not enough renewable energy is available, systems switch to fossil energy in order to meet the demand and back to renewable energy when it is more abundant.
  • Energy Efficiency – AI monitors, controls and optimises energy efficiency, through data collected.
  • Energy Accessibility – AI models utility cost savings.

Contact us to find out what application of artificial intelligence is right for your situation.

Renewable Energy Solutions

Renewable energy can now be utilised in most circumstances and is installed with backup forms of power. Depending on the location, one or a combination of renewable energy applications can be integrated to generate electricity for lighting, heating and cooling municipalities, industrial and commercial facilities.

As the demand for green power is increasing, the shift to renewable energy is inevitable. Those who continue to use conventional fuels such as oil and coal are contributing to the production of carbon dioxide and climate change, and incur heavy energy costs which negatively affect their profits.

Our methodology incorporates AI applications that monitor, control and manage energy consumption to continuously increase efficiency over the long term.

Reducing energy costs and pollution is a win-win situation from both a business and an environmental perspective.

Select the renewable energy source that interests you and find out how it can be used for your municipality, industry or commercial sector.

Or contact us to discuss what renewable energy systems can be put to work in your sector.

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