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About Us

Maximpact impact investing network is an web-based metaportal designed to increase the depth and effectiveness of impact investment across the globe. It operates as a secure listing service that allows entrepreneurs, intermediaries and funders to share information about impact investment deals online.

Maximpact’s platform builds bridges between diverse parts of the impact investing sector, connecting philanthropy, impact, CSR, and eco and green technology. Its regional and sectoral impact investment tools promote collaboration, co-investment and replication, accelerating the rate of positive impact for our planet and its inhabitants.

Maximpact impact investing network is a knowledge aggregator and database for global impact investment activity, improving transparency, creating efficiencies and contributing to the development of impact as a source of social benefit and a new asset class.

Despite growth in the supply of impact investment capital and the increased demand for it, much more investor capital needs to be committed to actual projects. Established financial services providers believe that all capital should either be invested to maximize profits, with little or no regard for social or environmental effects, or donated to charity to achieve social or environmental returns. Maximpact’s goal is to support the development of impact investing, an approach that harnesses the power of market finance to deliver benefit for the planet and its inhabitants.

The impact investment sector is still developing. The lack of market mechanisms, such as clearinghouses, rating agencies, and syndication facilities, remains an obstacle to growth. On the supply side, high sourcing costs and a shortage of reliable information, especially on social returns, leave many potential impact investors wary of entering the field. On the demand side, fragmentation of investment supply together with the inability to syndicate start-up and expansion finance opportunities, set off an inefficient capital sourcing process that stifles the launch and expansion of new projects.

The Maximpact impact investing network is designed to address some of these shortfalls. Its collaborative community improves transparency, efficiency and quality of impact deal flow. Its innovative approach boosts market liquidity and increases the number of quality impact deals available for investment. Its broad definition of impact breaks down traditional barriers, enabling philanthropists, impact investors, CSR and the eco and green technology sector to list deals and invite specific funding groups to view them. This enables each funder group to remain in their own sector yet participate in a world of sharing and collaboration in support of impact investing.


There are multiple benefits. They will be immediately experienced by the listed impact investing funds- either seeking co-investment possibilities or qualified impact deal flow and new opportunities. Impact deals can only be listed on the global collaboration portal by the funds, not by individual entrepreneurs. Funds select and vet deals from the Financial Intermediaries listing board portal that have already been due diligenced. Financial Intermediaries can work together and conduct due diligence deals from the Entrepreneur portal. Each portal has it’s own function and target/user audience.

Maximpact impactinvesting network intends to highlight impact investment firms and funds in broad markets & sectors, geographies with various investment criteria and impact orientations. It intends to build efficiencies and transparency in the impact investment field, and be a premier platform to expand the deal flow and pipelines for funds seeking opportunities. It is designed to be a powerful, elegant and easy-to-use platform with custom filters you can chose to select deals of interest to you.

  • Everyone retains their own identity and can co-brand deals when listing.
  • Listing of a deal whether it be current, past or non-pursued only requires the name of the listing party, contact details, summary of the deal and type of collaboration sought.
  • If you do not wish to disclose the actual name of the deal, then call it XYZ
  • There are no disclosure issues as Maximpact are only notice board / collaboration portals. You receive enquiries in reply to the summary you post. It is then up to the listing party whether to enter into 2nd level discussions. At this point there are 2 options you can use, a universal NDA provided by Maximpact or you can attach and use your own. (You are totally in control)
  • Past deals, non-pursued deals and associated due diligence have a new value attached to them for new markets or just as research.
  • It is a global database of impact investments indicating what is working where and who is working on what where.
  • It is in turn a tool to guide research, proven technologies and impact investment dollars to where it is need.
  • It is both a historical database and an up-to-the-minute research tool bringing efficiencies both in due diligence and costs.
  • Maximpact does the search work for you and notifies you automatically of new deals that are of interest to you.
  • Maximpact impact deal-search helps you find globally related research & technologies.
  • A greater variety of options for research, collaboration, investment and co- investment opportunities globally.
  • Even deals from outside the Maximpact portals can be reintroduced on the global platform. Negotiate your own introductory success fees with the entrepreneur for successful introductions to other countries using Maximpact.
  • By sharing & collaborating together we have more/better quality deal flow and a much bigger impact for everyone.
  • If a technology is working in one country it can be introduced it to others.
  • It is a win/win situation for the entrepreneur, financial intermediaries, funds, the planet and it's inhabitants.

There is no membership fee and no direct costs. The development costs of the platform have been covered by the company.

The spirit of sharing and collaboration starts with the mutual listing of impact investing ventures by all parties, creating transparency and efficiency for all. Authorized entrepreneurs must list 1 venture while Intermediaries and funds must contribute a minimum of 3 current deal listings to Maximpact's database at the time of joining.

All 3 portals- Entrepreneur, Financial Intermediary listing board and the Fund Collaboration portal are password access only, requiring a screening of users beforehand. As the platform will be actively managed and constantly reviewed and checked it will continually evolve without clutter and extraneous material.

This is a straightforward and easy process. Simply click on 1 of the 3 portals you wish to join and go to "Register here on the home page". Fill in the form,. we will review it within 48 hours and respond back to you. You can get started right away.

There are 3 portals; Entrepreneur, Financial Intermediaries and Funds. You can click on them at the home page for a full explanation of each.

Once the funds and deals are listed, you can begin immediately to use the platform. Just click the filters that interest you regarding deals and you will be shown a full selection of available deals and whom to contact. Further, you will be automatically contacted (if you wish) with new deals that fit your filters and are relevant to you.

Yes Entrepreneurs can list their projects on their portal to find like-minded Entrepreneurs and Financial Intermediaries to collaborate with.

There will be a growing number of relevant and related organizations that can join the secondary portal, including social innovation research institutes, entrepreneur accellerators and incubators, universities, larger NGO's with expertize in sector areas, social finance and impact investing and others. It is the intention that through the active collaboration of these institutions, the research, archiving, and resource data bases will be original and of real practical use to the funds in their pursuit and support of outstanding companies.