About Us

About Us

Maximpact Ecosystems is a unique platform offering comprehensive development and support services to the circular, impact and sustainability sectors.

We cater to communities which include:

  • Businesses / projects / funds
  • NGOs / foundations / non profit organisations
  • Experts / consultants / mentors
  • Incubators / accelerators
  • Investors / intermediaries
  • Bilateral / multilateral / government bodies


We provide a marketplace in which a unique network of like-minded people can focus on creating good impact and a more sustainable future. This offers unlimited opportunities to work with one another. By Sharing Our Global Resources we will accelerate the rate at which we can do good for our planet and its inhabitants.

Our mission is in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, which are:

Our Services

  • Financial Services – Assessments, business plans, financials, valuations , due diligence and more.
  • General Consulting – Qualified experts covering more than 200 sectors and subsectors. Call an expert for sector-specific advice, impact and sustainability assessments, customized consulting contracts, team building and more.
  • Marketing Communication – Press releases, e-marketing, translation, video and graphic design, content creation and more.
  • Advisory Services – Tailored project and business support services for all stages of development. Our Advisory include services for funds such as investment sourcing, filtering, due diligence, auditing, sector specific advice and more.
  • Deal Listing Platform – Our deal listing platform is a free marketplace connecting projects and ventures with intermediaries and funders who want to assist in their evolution.


Maximpact covers over 200 sectors and sub-sectors in circular, impact and sustainability.

Agriculture | Assessment | Biomimicry | Clean Technology | Community | Construction | CSR | Eco-Tourism | Environment | Finance | Forestry | Green Business | Marine | Not-For-Profit| Pollution| Eco-Tourism | Strategic Development | Renewable Energy | Waste Management |Water | Women's Empowerment