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Online Live Training Courses – Attend from Anywhere

Maximpact delivers innovative online training courses covering more than 200 sectors.

Our goal is to give everyone the opportunity to take the necessary training to build personal and organizational capacity in their specialist areas. Learn at your desk from anywhere in the world!

Live training with qualified trainers and experts in their field will save you time on self study and allow you to accomplish the training faster.

The training employs a ‘learning-by-doing’ methodology and is carried out by a live trainer in a virtual classroom. Participants are able to undertake practical exercises, ask questions and join in discussions.

Maximpact and its network of expert trainers have delivered over 100 trainings on different topics in different sectors to both private and public organisations including USAID, EC, World Vision, FAO, UNDP, GIZ and others.

Our experts can provide you with the right fundraising tools to make an impact in your company.

Training Courses for NGOs

Nonprofit, community based and civil society organisations can increase their capacity in raising funds and writing grant proposals for donors.

Training courses are taught through a live virtual webinar where you will learn the topics, have group discussions, learn from peers, do practical exercises and ask any questions you may have. ​

These development training courses for nonprofit organisations are designed by qualified experienced experts in the topic and training.

Training Courses for Water Sector

Water is an essential part of our life. A lot of countries, communities, towns, villages even refugee camps lack proper water resource management.

Maximpact and its technical team of experts with experience in training of provide online live training webinars in the following topics:

  • Integrated sustainable water resource management
  • Water, sanitation and hygiene in emergency situations
  • Water and sanitation: challenges in rural and peri-urban areas

Training Courses for Waste Sector

Maximpact and its technical team of experts with experience in training of provide online live training webinar on Sustainable Waste Management. ​

The training is delivered by a waste management expert of over 20 years, who has been working with large and small organisations.

Learn about how to identify problems in waste management and find the right solution.

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