Call For Experts


Maximpact is launching Maximpact Ecosystems - the world's first comprehensive resource and solution center, offering end-to-end support services to communities, projects/ventures, intermediaries, foundations, NGOs, governments and other funders.

Become a part of Maximpact select consultants network and offer Your expertise. Maximpact sources customers and forwards orders directly to the consultants network.

Becoming a part of our consultants network, You benefit from:
  • Full payment management system
  • Opportunity for involvement in short/long-term projects
  • No marketing costs, customer sourcing or pre-sales activity needed
  • Promote your expertise through Maximpact Experts Opinion area
  • End-to-end customer support, including dispute handling
  • A-24/7 global market place
  • Workflow managed through the Maximpact platform

Role Description

Maximpact is inviting experienced experts, individuals and firms to apply and be considered for our consultants network, to provide:

  • On-demand phone consulting to our customers; and/or
  • To be considered for short/long-term projects

Phone Consulting – How It Works

Consulting process will be handled through the Maximpact platform. To find out more click here.

Areas of Expertise

Experts from the following sectors are invited (click here to view the sectors’ sub-categories):
Agriculture Renewable Energy Fair Trade Finance Recycling Environment Clean Technologies Community Marine Research Not-for-Profit Strategic Development Pollution Forestry Green Business Women Empowerment Construction Water Eco-Tourism Food Waste Biomimicry Assessment Legal Advice CSR


Location: Home base / teleworking

Payment Details

  • Calculated per hour / cumulative monthly payments.
  • Rates are determined based on the level of experience.
  • Currency: US Dollars

Required Qualification and Experience

Education and Experience
  • Advanced university degree relevant to the area of expertise; and/or
  • A minimum of 5 and preferably 10 or more years of proven working experience in the relevant area of expertise;
  • Extensive technical knowledge relevant to the relevant area of expertise (preferably demonstrated through a portfolio)
  • Preferable :
    • Previous experience in coaching/providing advisory assistance to business sectors.
    • Capacity and knowledge building on sustainable development and creation of positive impact.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills.

Evaluation of Applicants

Applicants will be chosen based on qualifications and experience relevant to the area of expertise.

How to apply

Candidates are encouraged to apply for more than one thematic area (subcategory) should they qualify. Please, select in your application the thematic area(s) you wish to apply for.

Chosen experts will be contacted by Maximpact.