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About Maximpact

Maximpact is a global consulting group that provides development and technical services to projects and businesses of all sizes, and public and private organisations. We also specialise in providing community solutions, capacity building and training, including vocational language training for refugees and migrants and associated job placements.

Our experts have been involved in a large number projects in the fields of agriculture, aquaculture, sustainable energy, water and waste management in countries such as Ethiopia, Germany, Jordan, Serbia, Switzerland, the UK and the USA; and with organisations including the UN (FAO and UNDP), USAID and the GIZ.

Our worldwide onsite and webinar training focuses on the specific needs of our clients; and ourFast Track to Employment for Refugees and Migrants creates a faster, cost effective route for migrants to integrate socially and economically into their new environments.







Project and Business Services

We provide project and business services to for-profit and non-profit organisations. We work with strategic partners across the world to ensure our clients get the best expertise in the specific areas they need it.

Fast Track to Employment for Refugees and Migrants

Fast economic integration of refugees and migrants is key to host countries’ economic and social prosperity.

Our Fast Track to Employment programme bridges the gap between employers and migrants.

Capacity Building and Training

We provide specialised onsite and internet-based training to individuals and organisations in agriculture, aquaculture, sustainable energy, water and waste management.

Our group of training experts delivered over 100 trainings to clients including UN, USAID, OXFAM, GIZ and FAO.

Community Solutions

We provide communities with solutions in the areas of sustainable energy, water and waste management.

Through our partners we have access to the latest technology and  best industry practices. This ensures our clients get a first-class service at every stage of the project.

Supporting Organizations